How to Live Dangerously

US Edition


A no-nonsense, wonderfully entertaining manifesto on the real dangers of modern life.

We live in a world governed by fear.  Fear of second-hand smoke, bacteria, terrorists, bird flu, nuclear energy.  The world isn't as safe a place as it once was, as 78 percent of Americans agree.  And yet, life expectancy has never been higher.  Crime rates have plunged.  Even unintentional injuries are down more than fifty percent from half a century ago.  So if we're so safe, why are we so afraid?


HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY offers a straight-talking look at the things that terrify us.  It examines the origins of our fear, and the solutions we've devised to keep ourselves safe from danger.  It encourages you to ignore the hype and embrace a new kind of freedom, offering a persuasive, riotously entertaining argument for why we could all stand to worry a little less and live a whole lot more.

“A brilliant and wickedly funny book… Heed Cairns’s advice in this book and laugh along the way.”
—Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of Do as I Say (Not as I Do)

“It is SO GOOD. It’s really really fun and just so smart and pointed”

—Lenore Skenazy, New York Sun columnist

“Cairns's book turns commonly held beliefs on their heads… [It] concludes that if you really want to be safe, you ought to put yourself in more danger” —The Times (UK)

WARWICK CAIRNS was a warehouse worker, drilled wells on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota, and traveled in northern Kenya with a legendary explorer before settling into a career in advertising.  He lives in Windsor, England, with his wife Susan and two daughters.

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“A barbed polemic...his writing on fear ably challenges our obsession with the spectacular things unlikely to kill us while ignoring the commonplace things that probably will.”